Landlord Refuses To Display Atheists’ Billboard

An atheists’ organization thought they had posted a billboard in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. The landlord, however, had other plans and at the last minute refused to allow the billboard to be installed.


This is the type of issue that grabs me by the gray hairs. FREE SPEECH!!! RELIGION!!!

The problem with the billboard is the message itself. The first two words, “You Know” are infuriating enough. Don’t tell me what I know! It’s rude. It’s like pointing your finger in someone’s face.

It’s also wrong. And this is my problem with the type of atheism that insists deep down we all truly know there is no God. It sounds an awful lot like another kind of ism I’ve learned to despise. Fundamentalism.

Because the truth is that we don’t know. No one does. Not really. Many of us want to know. I do. But people who tell their kids all the time “You can’t have everything you want!” don’t apply that principle to the most basic existential dilemmas. As much as we crave answers to life’s unanswerable questions, we have to learn to be okay with not knowing.

The late great Joseph Campbell devoted his life teaching that “Myths are truth speaking to us as metaphor.” Jesus used parables to teach so obviously there’s something to mythology, right Christians?

It’s great to get ideas out there and this landlord is probably a putz but come on, have some cojones and put up a billboard that says “We really don’t know. And that’s okay.”

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