Young Man Expelled For Watching “Glee” Answers Critics

Chris Peterman kriegt seinen Abschluss nicht, weil er "Glee" geschaut hat

Last week I wrote about Chris Peterman, the young man who was expelled from Bob Jones University days before his graduation for, among other things, watching an episode of Glee. Since then, thanks to readers of this blog and many others, the story has been picked up by a countless number of news outlets, including the Huffington Post.  It has received international media attention as well. Even the Russians are calling into question our schools of higher learning. “в Штатах из универа отчислили за просмотр “Glee”. у нас плохое образование, говорите?”

The nature of fundamentalism is that it blinds its adherents to the world around them, because they are taught that the world is an evil place. When a situation like Chris Peterman’s arises, they are unable to see what is really going on. They react by attacking and that’s what they’ve done to this fine young man. They impugn his motives, question his credibility and make false accusations. Rather than link to this detritus, here is Chris responding to these allegations in his own words. I trust this man to be his own best advocate. If you have an ounce of judgment, no doubt you’ll agree.

Chris discusses a bit about his background, explaining how he paid for college himself and has not wasted his parents’ money. For the record, his widowed mother is seventy-five and lives off Social Security.

Some have wondered why a twenty-three year old college man would care about the issue sexual abuse, as if caring for sexual abuse victims is a bad thing. That’s what I mean by fundamentalism causing a lack of awareness. Here Chris explains that his sisters were victims and with their permission, he tells their story. Tina:

and Debbie:

As the story continues to gian the attention it deserves, I’ll post more this week.


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