Jews are not God’s chosen people…WE ARE!

Whenever I’m at a loss for something to write, which isn’t often, one reliable source to break through my writer’s block, my personal brand of Drano if you will, is World Magazine. I don’t know much about World Magazine except that I don’t have to search the website much to find something utterly disagreeable. Thanks to Twitter I don’t even have to visit their overly-crowded homepage; usually, they showcase their most profound nonsense via tweets.

Today’s prize goes to Alex Tokarev and an article titled “Religion in Politics.” Tokarev makes the usual religious claims that the founding fathers wanted religion in politics. That’s complete bullshit but rather than dive into a discussion of why, I’ll refer you to a excellent book on the topic by Garry Wills titled Head and Heart: American Christianities. America exists only because a group of wise men designed it to keep religion out of the government. Period. End of discussion. That part of Tokarev’s tripe is stale and uninteresting.

Another part of his piece also isn’t new – the Christian church has been making the claim for 2000 years – but you don’t see it as often these days. He writes: “Christ was crucified, the gospel rejected, the Church persecuted. The temple was destroyed, the nation of the old covenant was scattered, the priesthood was taken away from the Jews, and the Christians became the new chosen people.” (bold typeface is my addition)

Here are the facts and reasonable assumptions we can take from this article:

  • Tokarev has chosen a specific type of the Christian lifestyle.
  • He believes that only those who have also chosen this lifestyle are “God’s chosen people.”
  • Because God has chosen Tokarev and others like him, they, more than anyone belong in positions of national leadership.

America is a nation of many people and many different religions as well as people who have no religion. Believing that you are God’s chosen people, and are divinely ordained to rule over everyone else, is the height of arrogance. If we ever need “Exhibit A” for why religion has no place in government, Tokarev and World Magazine would have a purpose.


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