“BULLY” – Kelby’s story

Kelby Johnson

(This is part four of a five-part series about the movie “Bully,” which opens tomorrow. Read parts one, two and three.)


Kelby lives in Oklahoma. As with Alex, you immediately we see what’s “wrong.” Kelby is about as butch-looking as a high school girl can be and to her credit, she does nothing to feminize herself. She is who she is. She’s not “flaunting” anything; she’s just being Kelby. But in Oklahoma, girls like Kelby aren’t allowed to be who they are, at least, they aren’t allowed to self-identify openly as lesbians, which Kelby has.

You’ll love Kelby’s friends and family. Her friends admit that everyone assumes they are lesbians too but they aren’t, except for one cute petite girl who says she’s “K-gay” which presumably means gay for Kelby. Later in the movie we see Kelby and the K-gay girl walking arm-in-arm.

Kelby relates a story of being harrassed by six jocks in a car, so she steps in front of the car to confront of them. Instead of slowing down, they speed up and the next thing Kelby knows, she’s flying across their windshield. We don’t hear if charges were pressed – we assume not – or the extent of her injuries. Instead, Kelby deflects by saying she couldn’t get hit by something cool like a jeep, she had to get hit by a mini-van.

Kelby tried suicide three times. She’s cut herself.

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