“Bully” week recap

The 5-part series this week on the movie “Bully” has been the best week ever for this blog. That gives me hope that people are serious about fixing this problem.

“Bully” focuses on five stories:


“I will go to my grave until a difference is made,” says Tyler’s dad, and you know he means it.


“It feels like everybody just turned against me. Nine or ten of ‘em just calling me stupid, and dumb, and they started throwing things at me. One of the guys said what he was going to do to me, and everybody would laugh, and I tell him to be quiet, and he kept talking, and that’s when I got up.”


Alex tells us he feels good when he’s in his house and with his family. He introduces us to his family, his four younger siblings and Mom and Dad. He introduces himself last and when he says, “and then there’s me.” His voice drops as if he is so ashamed he can barely add himself to his own narrative.


You’ll love Kelby’s friends and family. Her friends admit that everyone assumes they are lesbians too but they aren’t, except for one cute petite girl who says she’s “K-gay” which presumably means gay for Kelby. Later in the movie we see Kelby and the K-gay girl walking arm-in-arm.

Kirk Smalley (in baseball cap)

Kirk and Laura Smalley

Ty’s best friend, a chubby cute kid shows where they used to hang out. The friend admits that in the 2nd grade he was a bully himself but by the fourth grade, he decided he didn’t want to hurt anyone. The friend, Tray, says he wanted to hurt the kids who hurt Ty, but Ty didn’t want him to. Ty said to leave them alone, that Tray was better than they were.


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