Code of Conduct is a period piece!

Russell J. Sanders (Houston, TX United States)

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is no more, so Rich Merritt’s Code of Conduct is now a period piece. Hurrah! But the novel is so rich with detail, so engaging in characterization, and so vital in its messages that it is not dated. Merritt has created full-bodied characters who leap from the page, capturing their audience, tugging at heartstrings and inciting righteous anger. It is a wonderful thing that gay soldiers can now serve openly in the American forces. But so many of Merritt’s negative characters are still extant in our society. We still battle hatred-filled politicians and guilt-ridden homophobes. This will most likely never change. But Merritt’s message is clear: everyone just wants to be loved, be they gay, straight, or bi. Thankfully, many of today’s Americans believe that way. They and gay/lesbian/bi readers can all enjoy this wonderful story. The others–well, maybe they can learn from it.


2 Responses to “Code of Conduct is a period piece!”

  1. Daniel Walthall Says:

    Code of Conduct is a great book! I brought out so many emotions. Rich really captures the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and the effects on our gay service men and women. I am retired USAF and live in fear of being discovered. I was careful and fortunate. I’m very happy that our service men and women don’t have to deal with hiding who they truly are.

    • Rich Merritt Says:

      Thanks Daniel! Thanks for your service to our nation, which is gradually improving itself.

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