Carrie. She will never die.

Nor should she.

First, Carrie was a novel, by Stephen King. For a fascinating account of how this story came into existence, read Stephen King’s On Writing. If you’re not familiar with the Carrie story, as I wasn’t until recent years, it’s a horror story. I’m not a horror fan in general, but this one is the exception and I recommend you read, watch or go see it.

Then, “Carrie” was a movie, starring Sissy Spacek. I just watched the movie a few weeks ago and loved it. I won’t tell you why I’m thirty-five years behind the times because if you’re coming to this page, there’s a good chance you’ve read my memoir and you know why. Well, this movie has held up over time, that’s for certain.

Finally, they made “Carrie” into a musical. The original production didn’t do very well and I can’t speak to that but I can verify that the off-Broadway revival we saw last night was incredibly good. The music is excellent and moving and the young cast was spectacular. Their energy added fire to the fire on stage and the crowd loved it. As usual, Ben Brantley of the New York Times got it completely wrong in his review. (Note to Times – why don’t you hire a theater critic who actually likes theater? Otherwise, hire me to review NASCAR races, the result would be the same).

People who complain that “Carrie” is all about a teenager killing other teenagers, sort of like a pre-modern “Hunger Games,” IT ISN’T A HOW-TO MANUAL. It’s fiction. In fact, it’s a cautionary tale about the evils of bullying and a lack of understanding.

The bad news is that Carrie the Musical is a limited run and it ends this Sunday. The good news is that they’re going to record it on video this Saturday. Hopefully that video will be available. If it is, I’ll let you know!

The amazing cast consisted of Marin Mazzie, as Carrie’s mom; Molly Ranson as Carrie; Christy Altamore as Sue; Jenna de Waal as Chris; Derek Klena as Tommy; Ben Thompson; Wayne Alan Wilcox; Corey Boardman; Blair Goldberg; F. Michael Haynie; Jake Boyd; Elly Noble; Jen Sese; and Anne Tolpegin.

With any luck, someday soon “Carrie” will be an ice show!


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