The Perfect Human Being Is Uninteresting, etc.

“Follow your bliss” is what I wrote yesterday. As you can tell below I was struggling with that, and still am, but the good part is that it caused me turn to Joseph Campbell and The Power Of Myth.

Campbell was born on March 26. To celebrate his birthday, for the next seven days I’ll post some of his quotes that have helped me over the last ten years:

On imperfections:

The writer must be true to truth. And that’s a killer, because the only way you can describe a human being truly is by describing his imperfections. The perfect human being is uninteresting – the Buddha who leaves the world, you know. It is the imperfections that are lovable.

  • The thing that makes you human and not supernatural – that’s what’s lovable. That is why some people have trouble loving God, because there’s no imperfection there.

On storytelling:

  • We all need to tell our story and to understand our story.

What it’s all about:

  • We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget that the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it’s all about.
  • How do you get that experience? Read myths. They teach you that you can turn inward, and you begin to get the message of the symbols. Read other people’s myths, not those of your own religion, because you tend to interpret your own religion in terms of facts – but if you read others ones, you begin to get the message.
  • Myth helps you to put your mind in touch with this experience of being alive.

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