What Would Jesus Post?

It’s not surprising that an institution as divisive and condemning as Bob Jones University would inspire terabytes of commentary in the blogosphere. Earlier this year, when a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender alumni and former students of Bob Jones University started a blog with the following image…

it was only a matter of time before the reactionaries emerged with their vitriol:

The LGBT-BJU group was founded to empower young people (and not-so-young) toward self-acceptance and to inform these people that they are not alone. Many have walked their path and survived and they can too. In an age where the world is becoming more sensitive to the tragic reality of gay teen suicide, the blog, lgbt-bju.org, has begun its mission: to help save lives.

Dear fundamentalist homophobes: If the wicked world has enough compassion on the suffering of others, shouldn’t a self-proclaimed follower of Jesus Christ?

Interestingly, I saw Andrew Lloyd-Weber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” this week for the first time and I can’t help but think that whoever devoted the hours to creating that mocking, belittling image above, with the tag “BJU fairy creatures,” would be the one holding the cat-o-nine-tails giving Jesus the lashes. They certainly wouldn’t be on the cross beside the Lord, that’s for sure.


5 Responses to “What Would Jesus Post?”

  1. Sara Harvey Says:

    He should have made a blog for bad comedians.

  2. Dan Keller Says:

    Bravo, Rich. This blogger carved out a niche for himself by not going to extremes. Now, and in a few other posts, he’s proven himself no better than the school he lampoons on a regular basis. Bravo, Hidalgo, your vitriol is just as bad as “Doctor” Bob Jones III. Be proud.

  3. Dwayne Walker Says:

    Wow! It took all this time to see Jesus Christ Superstar? After listening to Frank Garlock’s album, that’s the first thing I wanted to see after I lost my inhibitions regarding movies and rock music.

    • richmerritt Says:

      I know, right? Travesty. But this production that opens on Broadway this week, from the Stratford Festival in Canada, is amazing.

  4. 30: An Open Letter to Dr. Bob Jones III | The Hidalgo Grain Company Says:

    […] when you and the rest of BJU finally issue an apology to Rich Merritt, Jeffery Hoffman and all of the other GLBT alumni of BJU, I will not be […]

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