Repeal reveals a past that has always been

Captain Harding’s Six-Day War by Elliott Mackle proves King Solomon’s old saying, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Gay men and lesbians have been serving in the military since the beginning of warfare and the issue in this country was always whether we were going to recognize and admit the truth or continue believing a lie.  This week we took a step closer to truth…hopefully we’ll keep marching along that path.

Thanks for your service and for your work, Elliott!


“Today, Mackle (second photo) has turned to gay fiction after longtime stints as food critic at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a columnist for Creative Loafing. He was a Lambda Literary Award winner for his first novel “It Takes Two,” and his “Hot off the Presses” put the gay into Olympics-era Atlanta last year. …

A fast-paced, romantic adventure, the novel’s handsome title character is assigned to baby-sit a loose-cannon colonel at a remote Libyan air base. Off duty, Joe’s busy bedding an enlisted medic and a muscular major, then begins a nurturing friendship with the American ambassador’s teenage son.”

I had the privilege to read an advanced copy of this book.  It is excellent!  I look forward to reading it again but here’s what I said about it the first time.

Terrifying and exhilarating with enemies, allies and lovers at every turn, clear your schedule because once you pick up this book, you won’t put it down until you have read every page!

Elliott Mackle’s website.


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