Marines going above and beyond the call of duty

Yesterday the Marine recruiters in Tulsa Oklahoma visited the local gay and lesbian center.

Two things to take away from this article:

1.  Nothing happened.  The republic didn’t fall.  No one turned gay.  No showtunes were performed (to our knowledge). Also, no protests…no fanfare.  The problem was that NOTHING happened.  Virtually no one showed up.

2.  Marines follow orders.  And then some.

I said as much to a board in 1993 when I was asked, “What problems do you see arising from President Clinton’s plan to allows gays and lesbians to serve in the Marine Corps and how would you propose solving those problems?’  I said, “There will be virtually no problems arising and I have faith in the Marine Corps – both the leadership and the Marines – to effectively deal with the few problems that do arise.”

I was promoted and selected for the regular officer Corps. And 18 years later, it looks like that answer was correct.  So far.  So good.


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