It’s V-DADT Day.  Hope to see you at the parade.

What?  There isn’t one, you say?

Well, it’s not as if we gays haven’t had a parade or two over the years.  Perhaps the absence of any festivity today over the repeal of arguably the most anti-American discriminatory policy enacted in recent history is for the best.  After all, the thousands of livelihoods destroyed and hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money wasted retraining replacements for those kicked out under Don’t ask, don’t tell … that was self-inflicted damage.

Now that we’ve stopped hurting ourselves as a nation by ruining lives, perhaps its time for somber reflection.  Let’s stop doing this.

In 1997 Judge William A. Norris of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals received a Lambda Legal Defense award.  This award was the catalyst for my Navy Times Article that year urging the repeal of DADT.  In his acceptance speech Judge Norris predicted that the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy would eventually be buried in the “national cemetery of shame” along with earlier supreme court decisions that permitted slavery and segregated public facilities.  Today, Judge Norris, your prediction comes true.  Rather than a parade, we should have a funeral. It’s time to let go and move on.  There are going to be many more battles ahead as homophobia doesn’t end today; in fact, there’s always a backlash.  But at least now the law is on our side and we still purport to be a nation governed by the rule of law.


One Response to “VICTORY”

  1. Scott Meeker Says:

    Putting my black on now!

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