Will the real fame monster please identify herself?

It’s almost midnight on a Wednesday.  Usually I’ve been asleep for an hour but tonight we just got home from Lady GaGa’s concert at Radio City Music Hall so I’m not going to be able to get to sleep for a while, definitely not until my ears stop ringing.

The concert was incredible.  GaGa is a natural-born performer with the ability to electrify an eclectic crowd.  But halfway through the show, I had a disturbing thought:

Sarah Palin.

When GaGa sang “We live for the fame” I had the distinct impression she was parodying Sarah Palin.

The contrast between the two women couldn’t be more striking.  One is an attention-grabbing fame whore seeker with an outlandish lust for extravagant clothes.  The other is… Lady GaGa.

One is a smart, centered, hard-working popular and influential personality who loves people and genuinely wants them to love themselves.  The other is… Sarah Palin.

The irony of GaGa is that she has achieved overnight fame and fortune by mocking fame with her music, videos and stage shows.  She simultaneously seeks celebrity while showing the world the ugly depravity our celebrity culture produces.  Then she uses her fame to tell her fans that they are not freaks, they have every right to be who they are.  Stripped of the over-the-top costuming and staging, I get the feeling that GaGa is the real thing, a young woman who genuinely wants to do her part to leave the world a better place than she found it.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, devotes all her energy to producing this image of being the “real thing” but any discerning watcher can tell from the few interviews she’s given that there’s nothing genuine underneath the phony-sounding “you betcha’s,” winks and Tea Party speeches viewers must pay hundreds of dollars of to hear.

I hope the tea baggers get their money’s worth from Sarah Palin.  We sure got ours from The Lady GaGa!!!


3 Responses to “Will the real fame monster please identify herself?”

  1. Leo Says:

    Nice, love reading posts and books.
    Lady GaGa is different in the best of ways. She calls herself GaGa. It’s mocking celebrities and at the same time, she keeps is posh.
    Sarah Palin, well, I just want to shake her. I mean, sometimes you just want to shake a woman when they don’t get it…

  2. Balzer Says:

    Thats totally awesome

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