Healthcare Reform Fatigue Removed From Coverage Under Senate Plan

In a completely unprecedented move, Senator Joe Liberman reversed his earlier support for a proposal that would have allowed people suffering from HRFS (Healthcare Reform Fatigue Syndrome) to receive treatment for their condition under the Senate version of the Healthcare Reform legislation.  Lately HRFS has become an epidemic. 

“I realize it was my idea to include coverage for HRFS in the Senate bill,” Senator Lieberman told a reporter for The Nightly Dog, “but that was before I thought this darn thing would actually pass.” 

Opponents of reform argue that HRFS isn’t real or that even if it IS real, it’s not caused by humans.  Senator Lieberman seems unperturbed by either position. 

“HRFS is like global warming,” said Liberman.  “It’s probably real, but I don’t care, except to the extent that it impacts me.”  (An aide, who’d earlier tried to block The Nightly Dog from approaching Lieberman, attributed the Senator’s rare burst of honesty to the extra Manischewitz he drinks to get him through Christmas.)

“What about Carrie Prejean Fatigue Syndrome?” the reporter asked.  “Is that still covered under the Senate bill?”

“Of course it is,” said the surprised Senator.  “Even I’m not enough of an asshole to deny coverage for that.”


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