Obama’s Frenemies List

In October a republican senator accused President Obama of compiling an enemies list.  

“That’s ridiculous,” said Tami, proprietor of a greeting card shop in Plano, Texas.  “With idiots like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on the other side, President Obama doesn’t need to worry about his enemies.”

“That’s right,” said Fay Lynn, an employee.  “President Obama needs to be concerned about his so-called friends.” 

Tami and Fay Lynn seem to be onto something.  On Day Two of Obama’s presidency Politico created what would become Obama’s Frenemies List.  Throughout 2009 journalists would expand this list to include David Brooks, Hugo Chavez, the European Union, the Chamber of Commerce, Angela Merkel, a consortium of Asians and a bunch of California democrats.

“I wish Obama would put together an enemies list,” said Tami as she rearranged a collection featuring shirtless male Santas in the “naughty or nice” section.  “Like that nasty Richard Nixon.  Could you have seen Nixon with a ‘frenemies list?'” 

“Then again, boss,” Fay Lynn replied as she poured more egg nog, “maybe Richard Nixon isn’t President Obama’s role model.”


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