The Anti-Christ Reveals Himself

In other news, Erik Prince, of Blackwater fame, announced that he will soon reveal himself to be what many have suspected all along, that he is the Anti-Christ

“I knew it had to be either him or that a**hole in Korea, the one with the jumpsuit,” said a random guy on 28th Street in Manhattan Thursday.  “I’m glad it turned out this way, though ’cause the Korean guy was really startin’ to annoy me.” 

“Right,” said a homeless woman nearby who looked an awful lot like Perez Hilton.  “What better way for the Son of Satan to disguise himself than as a crusader for Christ?  It’s pure genius!” 

Having a penchant for blonds I would love to see Prince’s face on all the money.  But I’m still placing my bet on Sarah Palin.

(Photograph by Nigel Parry for Vanity Fair)

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