Sometimes Non-Christians Demonstrate More Wisdom Than Christians

We learn more from dialogues between members of a group than the message that group puts out to the world. 

What In The World (The Devil Is Up To) is a newsletter put out by Bob Jones University, arguably the world’s leading fundamentalist Christian institution of higher learning.   The newsletter contains snippets telling readers about all the “bad” things taking place in America and elsewhere. 

Having spent all of my formative years (14 to be exact) at this campus, I can share that BJU and its people believe that America and the world are worsening by the day and this will continue until Jesus returns to rapture the saints to heaven.  This newsletter seeks to confirm this belief by disclosing evidence of all the things – abortion, homosexuality, encroachment of non-fundamentalist Christian religions into American life, secularism, humanism, atheism, etc. – that are on the rise.

Fundamentalists are never accountable for what they believe.  Their answer is that they are simply carrying out God’s commandments.  They don’t even add “as we understand them” after “God’s commandments” because there is no human understanding involved, there is God and there is Satan and you are on one side or the other. 

To the rational mind, nothing could seem more arrogant than a belief that one holds the exclusive on God but their warped vision obscures all human reason.  They are the enlightened ones; we are blind. 

Every so often, though, their arrogance shines like a beacon.  Like this tidbit from their newsletter.  The last paragraph on the last page is titled, “Sometimes Non-Christians Demonstrate More Wisdom Than Christians.”  Sometimes.  Thank you, fundamentalists for conceding that SOMETIMES you, people who believe in a talking snake, are not the wisest people on the planet.

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