Hiatus II

Like my divas Cher and Barbara BARBRA! (sorry!) (if you have to ask “Barbra who?” then please go to another blog; if you have to ask “Cher who?” please go back to Mars) I am going back into blogging retirement.  I’m sure I’ll come out of it before my next book comes out but for now I’m going to spend my time working on the next book(s), catching up with friends, playing with the dog, being a good husband, etc.  All that life stuff.  Oh yeah and working at the day job. 

Here’s a pic of my puppy Xander who is growing fast!

Here are some more pics I took a couple of weeks ago:

I’ve been working at a law firm near Battery Park in Manhattan in this building here.  (The job ends tomorrow sadly).  I took this on an unseasonably warm New York early fall day while lying on a park bench.  Not bad for a lazy man’s picture, huh?

The only bad part about my mid-day nap was staring at the bull’s ass.  As in the Wall Street bull’s ass. 

For some reason the touristas love this.  In fact, they’re crowding around so much I can’t show you what they’re looking at.  GIGANTIC BALLS!  As in Rocky Mountain Oysters.  They’re HUGE!  And so many people have fondled the poor bull’s balls (WTF is that about?) that they’ve rubbed the paint off. 


What we need right now is a Wall Street bear. 

Here’s a front view of the bull. 

Everyone’s got to be the center of attention!

Believe it or not I actually do work, I don’t just walk around Manhattan all day with my camera, although that’s fun to do too.  After my break I went back to my office, not a bad office for a lowly temp.

Here’s the view from the southeast window.  No that’s not the bridge to nowhere, its the Verrazano Narrows bridge connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn.  In just two weeks the trees have already changed. 

And for the best… the view from my southwest window. In the distance is the Statue of Liberty.  Yes, Ms. Liberty, when America gets it wrong, we REALLY get it wrong (aka BUSH) but when we get it right, the whole world marvels. 


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