Blog Hiatus

It’s time.

29 events in 23 cities on 2 continents in 13 states (including New South Wales and Victoria Australia) AND the District of Columbia.

PLUS using this blog to promote (myself, of course) over 30 other artists (see “Roll Call” below) all while holding down a 50-60 hour a week day job [whew!]… the Code of Conduct chapter of my life is over.  Eventually I’d like to come back to this story, updating the lives of Don, Leonard, Karl and yes the evil ones – Jay, Kathryn and Congressman Coughlin – in a sequel. But not now.

For now I’m staying put in New York City with “my very own Jonathan”*** and working on my next book.  Details to follow

If you want to reach me, Click here to send me an email. I read all emails as soon as I receive them but please be patient. I try to respond personally to everyone but sometimes it takes a while.

Before I go, take one last look at the video trailer I produced for Code of Conduct.  Between YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and other places, it’s been extemely popular with over 100,000 views.  Doesn’t this 2 minute clip show the movie potential for this intensive plot-driven novel?  (HELLO Steven Spielberg!)

***See Page 59 of Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star for the significance of this statement.

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