Last week my friend Craig Seymour read from his book at Bluestockings, a radical feminist bookstore in Manhattan’s lower east side.  (I’ll bypass the debate over whether “radical feminist” is redundant, Rush Limbaugh.) Bluestockings is also one of my favorite venues in New York, the kind of place for which Manhattan used to be famous. 

CRAIG SEYMOUR:  Recently I posted an entry about Craig Seymour’s recent memoir.  Here is a link to that posting. Craig wrote about his days as a stripper in Washington DC’s famous male all-nude clubs, back in the good old days when touching and all sorts of things were allowed.  Alas, the clubs have even been torn down.  I’ve heard a rumor that they’re returning but that is probably just the wistful longing for a bygone era. 

Watching Craig read from his memoir and take questions:

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