If you known me long (at least as long as 30 minutes) you know my favorite movie is Del Shore’s “Sordid Lives.” I was astounded that few of my New York friends had ever seen this camp cult classic.  So Jonathan and I threw a “Sordid Lives” movie party for 30 folks at our apartments clubhouse last night, a week before the “Sordid Lives” series premieres on the LOGO channel. 

Well, wouldn’t you know… LOGO decided to pre-premiere the series THE SAME NIGHT at the New World Stages theater, a few blocks from our apartment.  Most of the cast was there, including Leslie Jordan (you can read my blog about Leslie here) AND Olivia Newton-John.  Through connections, we invited Ms. Newton-John to OUR party, which would undoubtedly be more fun.  But obviously, with the LOGO event, she couldn’t make it, but being the wonderful, gracious icon that she is, she recorded this video for us: 

DOESN’T SHE LOOK FABULOUS???  Oh, and did I mention that she and I HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY?!?!

“Sordid Lives” is coming to the small screen, in the form of a television series!! It premieres on the Logo Channel July 23. I wish I could freeze myself into a deep sleep until then because I WANT TO SEE IT NOW!!!! Because that’s not an option, I’ll have to settle for the trailer, which I’ve embedded below (although you’ll have to watch that soon because I’m sure YouTube will take it down for copyright violations, you can click here to go to AfterElton.com and watch it:

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