Were you a “Band Fag?”

Frank Anthony Polito sure was, and he’s written a great new novel titled Band Fags about the experiences of a small group of high schoolers who survive the label of “Band Fag” in the eighties. 

Here’s my review:

“Hilarious and angst-ridden, Band Fags is a wonderful trip down memory lane for those of us who came of age in the eighties, sort of a gay version of that fantastic television show Freaks and Geeks. Especially if you came out and enjoyed / endured high school band – and the stigma that goes along with it, you’ll love this. Am I, or am I not? All the intense soul-searching – Frank captures it in a funny way, with wit and charm. He’s also a superb writer and I whipped through the pages in mere hours, wanting “Jack” to hurry up and make the right choice! Whether you were a teen in the eighties, the sixties or the two thousands, you’ll relate to these emotions, as they’re universal. Read and be entertained.”

Contact Frank here on his MySpace Page.




PART THREE: (conclusion)


If you weren’t at Disney World on Saturday, you missed an incredible event.  Around noon, all the “bears” gathered at the “Country Bear Jamboree” all wearing red shirts.  It was perhaps the funniest sight ever seen at Disney.  (Disregard the cub-in-training in the foreground). 

Make sure you watch CBS News on LOGO to catch Itay Hod’s special report from this event.  And check your local cable listing to see their special report from Mardi Gras in Sydney. If you don’t have access to LOGO contact your local cable provider and demand it. 






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