Someone’s In The Kitchen With Chef Bobo! And Meet The LaSalle Brothers!

You find yourself on an island… who would you want with you?

One of the many advantages of living on the Isle of Manhattan is that I’m always meeting fellow islanders who’ve lived fascinating lives. It’s easy to meet people here, partly because we’re all sandwiched between two rivers and spend a lot of time bumping into each other (quite literally) on the sidewalks.

This blog is about two of those people I’ve met:  Chef Bobo and Jake LaSalle, half of the incredible team known as the “The LaSalle Brothers.” Both of these fine gentlemen make me smile and laugh and inspire me never to give up pursuing my passion. 

Last year Jonathan introduced me to Robert “Chef Bobo” Surles and we bonded instantly, partly because he’s a Chef from the South and brought pimento cheese to my 40th Birthday bash. It was love at first bite. Chef Bobo has a cook book, Chef Bobo’s Good Food Cookbook.  He’s the head chef at The Calhoun School, but don’t be fooled, grown-ups can eat healthy also and find many delicious recipes in this book.  Here’s a video, starring Chef Bobo:

One lesson that Chef Bobo also has to offer:  Don’t ever give up pursuing your passion.  As he reminded me yesterday, “I realized my passion for cooking over 15 years ago but didn’t really think I could do anything about it until 8 years ago after losing my safe corporate job.”  Sometimes blessings disquise themselves as tragedies.  I’m not sure why they do that, that’s one of the many questions I have for the Goddess. 

Jake LaSalle is a true Renaissance man.  He and his identical twin brother have been performing for audiences most of their lives.  He’s an aspiring author; we met last month at Christopher Rice’s book reading.  A born networker with a great energy (and a degree from Columbia University), he’s a rising star in the world and it will be exciting to see where his journey takes him.  You will definitely want to check out The LaSalle Brothers website for a lot of great pictures and videos.  Seriously. 

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