Second half of February… some great trips!


Thank you for braving the snow on this wintery Wednesday evening.  First stop was the longstanding and famous Giovanni’s Room, where it was an honor to speak to a dozen or so of you in the intimiate living room upstairs. 

From there it was a short ride to Temple University where I spoke to the OutLaw group at the law school  about how the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” law affects people in the military.  Thanks to Athas and Carla for organizing OutLaw and putting this together.

 Jen Coletta, who wrote this fantastic story in the Philadelphia Gay News was at Giovanni’s Room.  I love a journalist who actually follows up to check facts.

the next day…back in NEW YORK CITY!

After reading the same material from Code of Conduct seventeen times, it was time for something new.  And the East Village’s KGB Bar is my favorite place to try raw material on a receptive audience. 

Kathleen Warnock (left in photo on right) hosts the Drunken! Careening! Writers! series there the third Thursday of every month.  (I’ll be guest-hostessing May 15.)  Also in this photo are Maureen Brady, Aaron Hamburger and me. The theme of February’s reading was writers who’ve attended the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans.  Mike Luongo, who I’ve blogged about before, took the photo. He’ everywhere (and kind to send pictures).

Feb. 27:  MIAMI BEACH!

This was probably the shortest trip anyone ever took from New York to Miami, sad to say, but after two months of round-the-world travel I couldn’t miss any more work (or any more time with my Jonny!)  Books and Books on Lincoln Road was a wonderful host and it was great to have a display with dozens of signed copies of my books in place before all the boyz flocked through for the annual Winter Party.

Speaking of wonderful hosts, Don and Ken not only put me up for the night (well, 5 hours of sleep) they played chauffeur for me all over South Florida.   This tour just wouldn’t be possible without great friends helping out all over the country.  LOVE YOU GUYS!

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