My favorite fruit

Whoever said book readings are dull never went to one of Arthur Wooten’s. In December I attended the reading for his new novel, Fruit Cocktail and he was kind enough to let me video record it. What a treat! He was hysterical!  Not only did I have a blast, I made some new friends that night – the hysterical Keith Price and Bobby Rivers (come to think of it, I’d met Bobby a few weeks earlier…New York is the world’s biggest small town…or smallest big town?  You get my point). 

Fruit Cocktail is the sequel to On Picking Fruit.  As Arthur says in the reading, keep your eyes “peeled” (get it? HA HA) for “Fruit on the Bottom” and / or “Dried Fruit”, depending how long the series runs.  Send him good energy as he’s negotiating the maze of the entertainment biz to get his hilarity off the page and onto the screen!

The best part is, you don’t have to take my word for how funny Arthur is, you can see for yourself.  Go to his MySpace page, and watch the video links below.  Many times I edit the best parts of book readings into one 100 megabyte segment allowed by YouTube.  With Arthur?  Are you kidding me?  I put the whole thing on there, dividing it into four parts.  You can watch each part by clicking here:  Parts One, Two, Three and Four

Here’s a video about Fruit Cocktail:

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