February Roadshow Moves to the Golden State

  There are a lot more pictures from the SoCal tour.  Click here to see them all.


In San Diego, we celebrated the Obelisk Bookstore’s 15th Anniversary.  It was great to see old friends again and to bask in the 72 degree weather. 

 My friend and sister author, Emily, wins the long distance award.  She drove all the way from Arizona, to Orange County – where she picked up her son and friends – to San Diego to be at this event.  I’m humbled, honored and flattered.  Check out Emily’s website or go to her MySpace page


After a nice long leisurely drive up Interstate 5, through Camp Pendleton, and the Pacific Coast Highway, I arrived at Acres of Books in Long Beach.  It was a beautiful warm sunny Sunday afternoon so I didn’t expect anyone to show up for an indoor book reading.  I was so surprised to see a packed room, about half new friends and half old.  Here’s a picture showing some of each:

The three guys on your right are in Secrets (pp. 387-393and have been wonderfully supportive friends over the years. 


On Monday I continued northward into the City of Angels.  It was quite an honor to be invited back to my alma mater, USC Law School, where I spoke to the OutLaw group about the impact major judicial decisions have had on my life – specifically the school desegregation decisions in the South and the law behind “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” An article about the event can be found on the law school’s website.  Read it here.  


Of course, no Southern California book tour would be complete without venturing into West Hollywood and stopping at A Different Light bookstore.  I was able to see several more friends here, including David (aka “Brandon”) and Justin, who you may recognize as “Gunnery Sergeant Don Hawkins” from Code of Conduct’s video trailer (you can see more of Justin in the picture on the right sidebar of this blog, and by going to the YouTube trailer) and Bruce (Secrets, p. 346). 

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