Back East in Boston


After a crowded train ride from New York, it was a cold February evening in Boston and it was a Friday.  That didn’t stop Bostonians from giving me the warmest reception possible at Calamus Bookstore.  The crowd was enthusiastic and John Mitzel, Calamus’s owner, put out a great spread of wine, cheese, crackers and fruit for the guests. 

and first up, heeeeeeere’s Johnny!

A few months ago I posted an entry about author and journalist Johnny Diaz (which you can read by clicking here).  Here’s Johnny again, the baseball cap covering his curly hair. 

Then there’s Crystal Evans.  Crystal has an amazing story, which I won’t go into here, but she’s my inspiration.  When I feel like I’ve gone through some difficult times, I remember her smiling face and what a survivor she is.  She also went to Bob Jones University, and started a group on MySpace for LGBT Bob Jones people. 

My boyfriend thinks the world can handle only one Rich Merritt, but alas, there are two of us.  Well, more than two as I’ve learned, but I finally got to meet one of the OTHER Rich Merritts.  He’s gay and as you can see, HOT.  And a lot taller (and younger) than me.  We found out about each other after Rich’s date googled him… and spent most of the date thinking Rich was an ex-porn star.  That’s when Rich Merritt learned about Rich Merritt, and he emailed me.  Pretty cool.  Anyway, he and his boyfriend (the same date who’d googled him) and a friend came to Calamus and what a treat to finally get to meet them. 

You know Boston, “where everybody knows your name.”  That’s how I felt, coming back to Calamus for my third visit (second reading) and each time seeing friendly Brian working there. 

And of course, there’s Pixie, Andy, my good friend who moved to Boston recently, from San Diego, after a stint in Denver.  Thanks for everything, Andy!  (saved me the expense of hotel, taxi and manicure girl.  Ha ha, just kidding about that last one…or am I?)  It was a great evening, just what I needed and I can’t wait to visit Boston again, when it’s a little warmer, and I can take some time to tour it properly.  Maybe on our way to Provincetown this summer?

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