January’s Roadshow

What a great tour this has beenand it’s just started.  I hope to meet you, so join in the fun.

Here are a few pictures from a few of the events so far, with links to other picturesEnjoy!

Hares & Hyenas, Melbourne, AustraliaJANUARY 4, 2008: The Code of Conduct world tour began in warm (more like HOT – in every sense of the word) and familiar territory.  The land of koalas and kangaroos is also the land of friendly gay gentlemen of all ages, who also love to read.  My kind of place! 

MELBOURNE, Australia, Hares & Hyenas, 63 Johnston St. Fitzroy 3065, Victoria.  The Bookshop Darlinghurst in Sydney also has signed copies.  Click here to see more pictures from Australia.

Barnes & Noble Honolulu

JANUARY 9, 2008: The second stop was halfway across the Pacific Ocean.  Barnes and Noble at the Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu really rolled out the red carpet for Jonathan and me, complete with the book display in the front of the store… right next to Barak Obama’s Audacity of Hope.  Hmmm… Code of Conduct is about a President Clinton enacting “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  Maybe this is a sign:  We can hope that the next President of the United States will have the audacity to end this un-American discriminatory policy.

Click here to see more pictures from Hawaii

Barnes & Noble - ChelseaJanuary 16, 2008: New York, NY. They say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Don’t know if we ‘made’ it, but so many wonderful friends and readers turned out for the reading at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble that I was overwhelmed. Every writer has a fear of showing up for a reading only to see a bunch of empty chairs. (And I know exactly what that feels like). So to those of you who braved the cold drizzly weeknight in New York, THANK YOU!!!

Click here to see more pictures from Chelsea (unfortunately there aren’t many as the camera man was preoccupied with the video, not the still pics… and the sound was off so that was a bust.  Bummer! 

NextWorks The Men EventJanuary 17, 2008: New York, NY.  Special thanks to Hugh Hysell and HHC Marketing for inviting me as a guest at NextWorks and The Men Event’s networking event at Club H Fitness in Hell’s Kitchen. If you haven’t attended one of these events, they’re held a couple of times a month, early in the evening, and you can meet many of New York’s gay professionals.  Find a lawyer, an accountant, a good cause or a date.  They’re all there!  Click here to see some more images and click here to see Hugh’s pictures from this event.  (WARNING: if you look at Hugh’s pics, you will definitely want to attend The Men Event.)


January 19, 2008: Syracuse, NY.  So far the best surprise on this tour has been the incredible guys at Lavender Inkwell Bookshoppe in Syracuse, New York.  Scoot & John and the rest of the men and women of Syracuse really know how to treat an author.  I had such a good time, as you can tell from the pictures.  Click here to see more of them.

Lavender Inkwell Bookshoppe is at 304 North McBride St. in a charming and ecletic part of town.  Support this store!


Release Party

January 26, 2008: Back in New York.  Special thanks to John Blair promotions, Splash Bar and of course, Graciano, for putting this event together.  Click here to see the pictures, thanks to Tina Zimmer for taking these exciting shots, which give you just the right image of a typical Saturday night at Splash. 

On the left side of this photograph is Steven Fales, aka “The Mormon Boy.”  If you haven’t seen his one-man shows, you’re missing a tremendous experience.  He’s been on quite a journey and he’s a great soul for putting himself out there.  He’s helped countless thousands of others and he’s just getting started. 

On the right side of the picture is Derek Hartley, none other than half of the hilariously entertaining and even informative “Derek and Romaine Show” on Sirius OutQ.  Listen Monday through Friday from 6:00 – 10:00 PM Eastern Time. 

Other stops:  Park Slope (Brooklyn, NY) Barnes & Noble; Providence, RI Borders; Princeton, NJ Barnes & Noble

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