“Code of Conduct” update

“Merritt’s latest work, Code of Conduct, which is set in San Diego, delves into a fictional version of time served during the early years of DADT. Industry reviews are applauding the author’s ability to showcase how ‘the policy destroys the cohesion and the morale more than homosexuality.‘ Code of Conduct is the tale of…”

Read the rest of the article about Code of Conduct, by Tim Parks, in the Gay and Lesbian Times.

The discriminatory law known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell” will be a top issue separating the democratic and republican candidates in this year’s election. Code of Conduct tells the story of how the military’s discriminatory practices harm all individuals, gay and straight, and diminish the security of the nation.

The novel will be released officially next Tuesday January 8.

Enjoy the latest video!

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