Jesus would be too smart to vote for Mike Huckabee

This isn’t a political blog. The good Lord knows there are enough of those, some of them even quite good (see the links on the left column).  My goal here is to help promote other artists, as you can tell from two months of posting videos, recordings, book readings, etc.   –  (brace for the ‘big but’), BUT…

huckabeeI’m watching Anderson Cooper 360 and have heard AC and others refer to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee as “authentic.”  P-L-E-A-S-E!!!  At the last debate, when the Huckster said, “Jesus was too smart to ever run for political office,” I cringed so bad I need botox to straighten out the wrinkles.  Besides the obvious flaws in logic (Jesus lived during the time of the Roman Empire, which was an autocratic dictatorship that allowed its far-flung conquered nations to exercise only a moderate amount of quasi-self-rule, but in Judah’s case, that was under a King named Herrod (Harod?)), SO HUCK, JESUS DIDN’T LIVE IN A DEMOCRACYAND COULDN’T RUN FOR OFFICE EVEN IF HE’D WANTED TO.  Also, you don’t have to run for political office to have an opinion on the death penalty, as Governor Huckabee’s SLICK answer / non-answer implies. 

The audience of republicans went wild and the SLICK retort helped vault Huckabee into first place among likely republican caucus-goers in Iowa.  (Ask me again why I want to move to Australia).  The Christians I used to know would be similarly sickened by the man from Hope’s vain use of the name of their Lord to score political points.  All he had to do was say “Jesus would have been against executing innocent people as DNA evidence shows that we may have done in this country.”  GREAT ANSWER.  

But such a smart, accurate and NON-SLICK answer wouldn’t have done the trick and doing the trick is all that matters anymore with what the expert political blogger Andrew Sullivan calls the “Christianist” crowd (note- Andrew is Catholic and throughout his blog explains the definition of “Christianist” quite clearly).  EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING is okay to win the White House.  They’re soldiers for CHRIST and all is fair in [the culture] war.  Bob Jones III even said as much when he endorsed Mitt Romney, a Mormon for President.  Jones III said, “It’s all about beating Hillary.” That depends on what the meaning of the word “it’s” is… in this case, “it’s” means sacrificing principles, years of teaching (14 years that Jones taught me) that Mormonism was a cult (anyone who believes in a Holy Scripture in lieu of or IN ADDITION TO the Bible was the worst kind of heretic) and Mormons were not to be trusted.  Is that what Jesus would do?  Sacrifice His heavenly principles – and go against everything He’d ever taught His disciples – just to win a friggin’ earthly election? (um, Christianists, the answer is ‘no’). 

Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do (actually what’s frightening is they know exactly what they’re doing).

As far as the Huckarooney’s authenticity, hopefully soon we’ll be seeing the truth about this callous, petty, vain manCheck out this recent article on about his tenure in Arkansas, although waiting for the truth to emerge in American politics these days is like waiting for Godot.  At least they got it right in Australia.

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