A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Chris Beakey’s new book, Double Abduction. I finished it Friday… what an awesome book! Except now I blame Chris Beakey for my nightmares.

What makes “Double Abduction” so scary is how quickly the characters’ ordinary lives turn into their worst nightmare.  This isn’t a horror story about ghostly demons slashing kids to pieces in remote places; rather, Chris Beakey keeps you on edge because the next villain could be anyone.  Beakey also demonstrates how the subtle prejudices people normally keep hidden emerge in emergency situations.  Some people must work harder to prove their innocence and even then, it might not be enough to erase all doubts.  This book is a quick, action-packed read.  Beakey doesn’t spin his wheels or waste words; he thrusts you into the middle of the story and you have to hang on and remain alert.  You’ll need a nap when you’re through with “Double Abduction”, assuming you’re not too frightened to go to sleep. 

Here’s the reposting of the video link to Chris talking about the book in September:

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