Boston Boy

Boston Boys Club is the debut novel by Johnny Diaz, the living arts and news reporter for The Boston Globe.  The book is a fun and entertaining year-long window into the lives of three twenty-something gay men in Johnny’s adopted hometown.  Although it’s easy to read and has generally been described as “light”, the men still deal with serious issues such as alcoholism and codependency, fears of commitment and intimacy, as well as extreme narcissism leading to denial and self-delusion.  What I liked about the book was the positive, life-affirming optimism that comes through despite these challenges.  Other books deal with these problems more seriously so it’s nice to have a more refreshing take on some of life’s complexities. 

Heeeeere’s Johnny!

reading a scene from the book at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists’ Association annual convention in San Diego last month.

I first heard about Johnny’s work through his reporting of a homeless woman who helped shine some light on the plight of the homeless in this country by blogging.  Click here to read one of the articles.

I heartily recommend you read this book and let’s encourage him to write more.  Learn more about Johnny Diaz.


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