Coming Attractions

On NPR a couple of years ago, a musician described the beauty of art as creating with limited resources.  While the meaning might be obvious to some, it was something I’d never considered.  And it’s true – there’s no magic in creation if the creator is omnipotent.  Oooh, so you created the universe.  If you’re omnipotent, what’s the big deal with that?   oops… did I just jump to a religious topic? 

NOT what I was posting about… my point is that I have a lot of great ideas and even material to share with you, but the limitation of time keeps me from updating this every day as I’d like.  But this weekend I’ll post another video clip from San Diego, this one of comedian Bob Smith.   It’s HILARIOUS.  He cracks me up.  So please check back… THANKS! And I’ll have some other stuff between now and then.

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